The ultimate guide to finding an internship

That’s it, time has come to get to know the real world and maybe getting your first job experience. Internship time is coming!

Unfortunately, looking for the perfect internship is not that easy. To help you for this difficult time, and as former students, we give you our best tips to get an awesome resume and cover letter, we tell you what are the best websites out there and give you advice to avoid ending up in a bad internship.


  1. Take care of your resume and cover letter
  2. Ask for help
  3. The best websites to find an internship
  4. How to avoid bad internships
  5. And why not the spontaneous application?

1. Take care of your resume and cover letter 📝

Your resume and cover letter are the documents essential to apply, do not hesitate to personalize and adapt them to your internship search. Even if you have little or no professional experience, you can highlight your passions, your accomplishments or your community work, they can be real assets.

Whether it is for your resume or your cover letter, watch out for copy and paste or templates downloaded directly from the Internet! They are often very impersonal and the recruiter may notice it. Besides, do not hesitate to have your documents read by people around you to get different opinions and have it read multiple times to avoid major spelling mistakes!

🎁 Bonus: If you want to create a beautiful resume easily without spending hours on Word or if you are looking for graphic inspiration, Canva is a good website.

2. Ask for help 🆘

Asking for help to find an internship is not a proof of weakness as some people think, it is quite the opposite! Do not hesitate to share your situation with your entire network:

  • your family and people close to you
  • people who work in the same field you are looking for your internship
  • your teachers, your university administrative service but also former students. Try to look for a directory listing all the internships of the past years, it can exist in some university
  • your former internship tutors or colleagues

3. The best websites to find an internship 💻

There are hundreds of websites to find an internship, but not all of them are very good. So, to help you find your way, here is our selection. To keep you informed of new available internships announcements, you can create personalized job alerts based on your criteria, which will allow you to apply for offers as quickly as possible.


What is it? The best professional social network, offering many internships and job offers
Little extra: the simplicity of the platform, the large number of offers
Languages available: almost all

Welcome to the Jungle

What is it? Online media about work and employment, offering many internship offers
Little extra: the simplicity of the platform, the large number of offers
Languages available: French, English, Spanish, Czech and Slovak


What is it? Website for students and young graduates looking for an internship, work-study program or a first job
Little extra: the simplicity of the platform, the large number of offers
Languages available: French only

La Relève

What is it? Recruitment website for students and young graduates in France
Little extra: the simplicity of the platform
Drawback: very few offers in Rouen
Languages available: French only

Finally, do not forget to have a look at the websites of big French companies, they usually have a tab for internship and job offers.

4. How to avoid bad internships? 🏃

Even if your search is made easier with the websites above, the quality of the internship is never 100% guaranteed. To succeed in finding the internship where you will learn and gain experience, here are some tips to find a good job offer:

  • read the internship offer carefully and check that it clearly explains the assignments
  • do not hesitate to ask during your interview, a task or a typical day of this internship
  • try as much as possible to meet or discuss with your internship supervisor and to know how you will be supervised
  • learn about the company and do not hesitate to contact people who have had experience there as an intern

5. And why not the spontaneous application? 💡

In addition to internship offers websites, you can also apply to a company that has not posted an internship offer. There may be a company in which you want to do your internship at all costs.

To submit a spontaneous application you can:

  • search the company website if there is a tab for this purpose
  • search for employees on LinkedIn by filtering the search for people by their company, by position (try to find an HR for example), by location, but also by university name (with a former student of your university you will have more luck that he answers you). Once the right contacts have been found, you can send them an invitation and send them a private message.
    ⚠️ Warning: take good care of your LinkedIn profile before contacting them, there is a good chance that they will consult it before answering you
  • in your email or private message, specify clearly what type of internship you are looking for and do not hesitate to slip in some ideas, objectives and projects that you could set up if your profile were to be selected



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