A (not so) long way from home

4 easy decoration tips to feel at home in your student room

Whether it is because you had to or just because you needed a break, moving away for university means letting go of your own little piece of home. The room in your parents’ house where you made fond memories and lived most of your life. So, it's normal that when you get to your brand-new apartment or dorm room, not only does it look but it feels wrong, empty, and dull. MondoPal is here to share their best tips and tricks to create your own little home away from home.


  1. Take mementos from home
  2. Cosy it up
  3. Add greenery
  4. Stay organized

1. Take mementos from home 🖼️

First, if you cannot take the house, bring the memories:

  • photos
  • prints
  • polaroids
  • anything that reminds you of all you left behind and puts a smile on your face

💡 You can also include motivational quotes, a vision board or anything that stimulates you and helps you remember that, although it feels challenging right now, being away at university is something you wanted, something you chose, that gets you one step closer to your future.

2. Cosy it up ☁️

Now that your room feels homey and familiar, let's make it the perfect place to relax. Bring on the cosy:

  • fairy lights
  • candles
  • a rug
  • few pillows
  • a nice blanket

It is all you need to feel relaxed and peaceful.

3. Add greenery 🌵

A little green touch doesn't hurt either! Whether it be fresh or fake, plants will add on to the mood you are creating and will definitely make it personal, as there are plenty to choose from.

💡 If you don't dig the spa vibe you can also mix and match colours in random objects, such as the frames, the lights and even your toothbrush holder. That will for sure make your room pop.

4. Stay organized 🗄️

If your room is on the smaller side, don't hesitate to invest in storage. Boxes or all sorts of storage items are a great way to keep your room looking refined and neat while holding all your essentials. When the rest of the room is finally ready don't forget your desk: pimp it up with desk storage and a white-board to stay organized in style!


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